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NZIFSA History

1937 The New Zealand Ice Skating Assocation was founded.

1939 The first Nationals were held on the Manorburn Dam, Alexandra, in Central Otago. Championships were held on outdoor rinks until 1952 when the Centaurus Ice Rink was opened in Christchurch.

1947 The first edition of Ice Tracings was published in 1947, Editor - Eric Milton. The purchase price was 6 pence. The information in Ice Tracings was derived mostly from Great Britain. Active Clubs were Oturehua, Lake Tekapo, Alexandra, Windwhistle and Mount Harper.

1949 the cost for Ice Tracings was one shilling. Rules for Tests were included. Cost for sitting a test was two shillings and six pence for the preliminary and five shillings for the first test. If a candidate failed, the reskate period was at the discretion of the judges.

Ranfurly club formed.

1950 The Canterbury Ice Skating Club was formed with Lake Ida being its chief playground. They entered an ice hockey team in the Erewhon Cup. Cromwell Winter Sports Club also formed.

1951 The old roller skating rink in Timaru became an ice rink.

Reported in Canterbury Club notes that two of their younger members Denise Weakley and Wendy Grafton were wearing out the carpet in readiness for the coming season.

1952 Christchurch awaited the opening of the Centaurus Ice Rink at the foot of the Cashmere Hills.

NZ Championship comprised 5 figures marked out of 6. Tracings (3), Style and Carriage (2) size and repetition (1). Freeskating 1.5 minutes marks Contents 5.0 and Execution 5.0.

Further Clubs joined the Association, Fairlie, Opawa, Timaru, and Mt Hutt.

1953 Centaurus Ice Skating Club formed.

1954 Otago Ice Skating Association formed.

1955 Timaru Ice Rink closed.

Entry to Nationals held at Manorburn Dam Figure Skating 5 shillings, Pairs and Dance seven and six per couple.

South Canterbury Sub-Association formed.

1956 Editor of Ice Tracings Eric Milton resigned and Mrs Ruth Smith from Timaru took over the reigns.

New clubs to become affiliated Naseby, Clyde and Wakatipu.

1957 Canterbury Ice Skating Club submitted a remit to affiliate with the ISU. The secretary of the ISU informed Mr Tom Grigg that little would be gained for the yearly cost of Thirty Pound and the remit was lost.

Affiliation fees to the NZISA was Clubs with membership of from

1 - 50 members	 2 pound 2 shillings 51 - 100		 3 pound 3 shillings 101 - 200		 4 pound 4 shillings Over 200 members	 5 pound 5 shillings Sub-Associations	 2 pound 2 shillings Life Membership	 10 pound 10 shillings 

Tekapo Ice Rink not operating because of the high level of the lake.

An advertisement from MK Blades Standard 51 shillings, Single Star 64 shillings and 6 pence, Double Star 111 shillings and Treble Star 164 and 6 pence.

1958 Cost risen of Ice Tracings to 1s 3d

Mr Allchurch was asked at the AGM to submit for council investigation details of the Ordinal System for working out results.

It was decided if required the council would meeting half yearly.

1959 Cost of Ice Tracings 1s 6d.

Canterbury Club built an A frame chalet at Lake Lyndon.

1960 Cost of Ice Tracings 2s. Mr Grafton takes over as Editor

Honorarium for Secretary paid 25 pound.

An excerpt written by Rosemary Greene. "While waiting for the figure tests in which I was to judge there were some free skating tests at the rink. One Inter silver candidate included an axel and a toe salchow and a half in her programme and everything she did came off smoothly but she failed her test. Her technical achievements were well above the requirements for the test, but the reason given for her failure was the fact that she was not skating to her music. One without the other will never make a free skater."

1961 United States whole Figure Skating Team killed in a plane crash when landing at Brussels, Belgium on way to World Championships in Prague. Worlds were cancelled that year. "Their epitaph was told in the tears of thousands of other skaters around the globe, and by three pairs of melted skates that dangled all day from a crippled aileron in the sun".

Canterbury Ice Skating Clubs Lodge at Lake Lyndon opened.

Customs made skating Boots to order by C Stikkelman.

Figure boots in Black or white Price 3 and 9.45 with blades.

1962 Appeal made once again to Clubs to try and gain advertising for Ice Tracings to help pay for the publication.

No fewer than 30 Remits were submitted to the AGM covering Figure and Speed.

Affiliation fees to be increased on a sliding scale to cover the affiliation to the ISU.

Test Fees Bronze 7s 6p Silver Wings (Inter Silver) 15shillings

Honorarium for Secretary 25 pound.

Agreed that each Club be permitted to forward only five remits for consideration at the AGM.

Resolved that the sum of 10pound 10 shillings be set aside this year for an Overseas travel fund.

1963 Invercargill Licensing Trust provided 45,000 pound towards the erection of an indoor ice skating rink for the citizens.

Otago Championships to be held at Naseby, venue lost the ice and locals worked through the night using water from their hot water cylinders in order to prepare ice at another venue in the area.

1964 Mr Grafton elected as Secretary after the resignation of Ken Herriott.

Affiliation Fees increased to:

1 - 50 members	4pound 4 shillings 51 - 100	 	six pound 6 shillings 101 - 200		eight pound 8 shillings Over 200		ten pound 10 shillings 

Centaurus Club offered to subsidise the Secretary honorarium by 25 pound.

Twenty one pound set aside for the overseas traveling fund.

Indoor Ice Hockey Clubs break way from the Ice Skating Association and formed the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation.

Centaurus Club trailed an ice marathon at Lake Lyndon and will be included as an Open event for New Zealand long track program.

1965 NZISA affiliates with the ISU and now must overhaul by-laws to be uniform with overseas requirements. The Figure Committee set the task.

Wellington Ice Skating Club affiliates to become the 16th Club.

National Championships cancelled at Arrowtown due to Nevis Bluff being under repair necessitating a detour of an extra 100 miles. Transferred to Christchurch Indoor Rink and completed in the one day.

Medal passes 28 Preliminary Figure, 3 Preliminary Dance, 3 Bronze Figures 8 Bronze Free, and 2 Silver Pairs.

1966 Nationals held at Arrowtown commencing on time even after officials were delayed due to snow some 100 miles on the road.

Strenuous efforts by the Auckland Ice Skating Club to provide a rink in Auckland for their members. Proposed rink to be 160 x 80 feet.

Queenstown Ice Skating Rink opened on the shores of Lake Wakatipu on June 4.

Australian entries into the NZ Championships.

1967 Manorburn Dam, Alexandra selected for the 1967 New Zealand Nationals. A warning was issued to skaters to observe all rules and directions by officials in the cause of ice safety.

Number of skating tests 46 a somewhat lower figure than 1965. But noted that the former had a majority of lower tests.

Queenstown Ice Skating Club formed.

1968 Ice conditions for both speed and figure were difficult and not conducive to producing best results.

Mr Grafton elected as an Honorary Life Member for services to the Association in his capacity as Ice Tracings editor for 7 years and Secretary/Treasurer for four years.

Lack of judges noted.

1969 Sandy Allchurch elected as President and Vic Hahn the new Patron. Vic was a foundation member in 1937.

Council held three meetings during the year.

Warren Maxwell partnered Janet Thompson (England) winning the Duncan Cup in Dancing. Warren was later to become a representative for Britain at World Championships and was runner up to Torvill and Dean.

Work on the artificial rink at Manorburn started.

1970 Intermediate Ladies had the largest entries for Nationals.

Three resignations were received Windwhistle, Mr Harper and South Canterbury Sub-Association.

Concern regarding holding National championships on outdoor ice. Open Marking system now in use at most championships and appears to be successful in drawing sharp criticism of Judges marks from some competitors.

Christchurch held a Judges Championship again with discussion afterwards.

1971 Mr Dave Murray from Wellington takes over as Editor on the death of Mr Grafton in November 1970.

No speed championships on outdoor ice because of a mild winter.

A plea for more judges.

Pam Hewinson (Gray) takes over as National Secretary of the NZISA

1975 Pam Hewinson (Gray) editor of the last edition ever to be issued.

340 Medal tests sat. Concern expressed at number of skaters sitting tests before ready.

1980 Last National Championships to be held on natural and outdoor ice were held on the Manorburn Dam near Alexandra, Central Otago.

1982 Speed Skating formed its own National Association.

2011 Name changed to the New Zealand Ice Figure Skating Association (NZIFSA). Structure of organisation changed to separate the board from management.